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Why powder coat?

Powder coating is a better choice than paint in a number of ways:

  • Longer color life
  • Resistant to scrapes and scratches
  • UV resistant

Powder coating is perfect for metal furniture restoration, refinishing,industrial coating, you name it!

What can ELCO offer?

We can take your project from start to finish, beginning with phosphate steam cleaning or sand blasting. Once clean, your item(s) can be protected with a chip resistant, durable, UV resistant powder coat. Do you prefer high gloss, satin, or textured finish? With many different styles to choose from, ELCO is sure to find what's right for you.

What size job?

Is it a small, single item job, or is it 1,000 large jobs? We do both! ELCO is happy to work with single item customers and multiple item manufacturers alike.Member of Waco Chamber of CommerceWaco We Do

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